The 50 List

As you’ll see the 50 List contains many different activities which at first glance look impossible. I have split them into two categories. Extreme and others.

Extreme activities are things that make you think about stepping outside that comfort zone.

A few of the activities on the list I have already done in the past and the reason I want to do them again is because the last time I did them I was walking. Now that I use the wheelchair to get around I’d like to see if I can still do them. As for meeting John Cleese, well, meeting him can be done sitting down or standing up but the last time I met him I fell flat on my face and he had to pick me up off the floor.


  • Sail a boat
  • Power Boat
  • Ride a jet ski
  • Indoor Sky Dive
  • Scuba Dive
  • Skiing
  • Go Zorbing
  • Drive 4×4 Off Road
  • Travel near 160 mph in a quarter mile
  • Take part in a Half Marathon
  • Lose weight
  • Ride in a hot air balloon 
  • Catch a big sea fish
  • Write a book
  • Get one of my photos printed in a national newspaper
  • Encourage someone else with a disability to do one of my Extreme Top 50 List with me
  • Teach someone to balance on two wheels in a wheelchair
  • Spend a weekend with a Formula 1 Team
  • Meet John Cleese
  • Donate funds raised through sponsorship to CMT
  • Learn to make a good Crème Brulee
  • Teach someone how to create a website
  • Complete 1000 piece jigsaw
  • Visit a theatre in London and watch a show or play
  • Give a talk as a guest speaker
  • Bake bread on a regular basis
  • Making my business work
  • Sell the Mustang!!
  • Prepare a photo exhibition for 2013
  • Hand cycle 5 miles
  • Steer a narrow boat
  • Visit the Ace Cafe
  • Fly an aerofoil kite
  • Visit the capital city of Wales
  • Visit the capital city of Scotland
  • Visit the capital city of Northern Ireland
  • Wood Turning
  • Play more board games
  • Play drums
  • Play table tennis
  • Race a Volvo S60 around Rockingham Race Circuit
  • Visit Blackpool Tower
  • Swim in the sea
  • Write a comedy sketch
  • Be a member of the audience on Top Gear
  • Take part in the Waendel Walk
  • Go to the proms
  • Make a clay pot
  • Cover FIA Drag Racing events in Europe for our on-line magazine
  • Learn to make proper soup

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