Half Marathon

The 50 List Update

Since launching this site I have been busy putting my 50 list plan together ready for the coming year. Well, things are starting to happen!

So far I have made good progress in arranging a number of items on the extreme list and I’ll bring you all that news soon but today I am pleased so say I have entered into the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon which will be taking place on the on the 11th March 2012. I have already started training to build up the stamina required to do the 13.5 miles and at present I can manage to cover 2-3 miles already without break too much of a sweat, but there’s plenty of room for improvement. I am going to be training hard from now on which will help me fulfil one of my other items on the list ‘lose weight’.

All monies rasied will go to the CMT Organisation http://www.cmt.org.uk

So, watch this space. When I have more details about the marathon I’ll post it here online.