The 50 List on the shelves!

The 50 List on the shelvesLaunch day for the book was very exciting, despite the fact that it had been available for a ¬†few days prior to the launch date in a few stores already, it didn’t worry me as I just wanted to see my book on the shelf. I’d rang the manager of the local WHSmith to ask if I could come down and take a picture of the book in the store. She asked me if I wanted to have a signing session but I was just happy to see the book.

What a sight that greeted me as I went through the door! All my books neatly arrange with a sign saying “Local Wellingborough Author in store. ¬†Today from 10am”. It was a great experience and I must admit I did enjoy it. A number of people come in and bought the book which was pleasing. One lady made me laugh when she picked up my book, looked at it and put it down again and said, “No, I’m looking for a murder mystery”. Fair play madam!

There have been so many people tweeting and posting images of the book from as far afield as Harrogate. It’s been spotted in towns up and down the country as well as East Midlands Airport and just a few hours ago my nephew Ross posted an image of the book from Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport.

Ellie pointing out the last book on the shelf

As my daughter Ellie was at school when I was in WHSmiths I took her to Tescos last night so that she could see the book on the shelf herself. We were suprised to see only one book remain, good job they have got some more!

Non-Fiction Book of the week!

Today, 1st March, I was tagged in a post a friend of mine uploaded. It was a picture of a number of the books with the sign “Non fiction Book of the week!” I’ll save that one!