The 50 List Book

The 50 List Book!

I must update my site more often. But, I have got an excuse. In the last 6 weeks, since I turned 50 and put the 50 list behind me, I have been busy in getting back to some good old fashioned work.

The 50 List
Well, not all work because I have been enjoying the result of a lot of writing, the finished book! I’m so pleased with the result that I can’t wait to see it on the shelves in WHSmiths and other big stores. A big thank you to Lynne Barrett-Lee for all her hard work in taking my many words and sculpting, tweaking and editing them into a great read.

There’s going to be some publicity surrounding the launch and both myself and Ellie will be looking forward to taking part in some events to let everyone know all about the book and the 50 list itself.

I hope you go out and buy a copy, not only because it’s a bloody good read, not my words, but it’s also hopefully going to inspire you to grab life and squeeze as much fun out of it as possible.