The Sunday Telegraph

Sunday Telegraph

Today’s news is tomorrows chip paper! OK, so not these days. My copy will most likely be stuck to the wall of my office with a suitable blob of blue-tac for quite sometime. The nice thing about news today is it isn’t restricted to just print. The report is also on the Telegraph website along with a great video put together by Julian Simmonds, the photographer.

Thank you to Paul Clements, the reporter from the Sunday Telegraph, a great job in raising the profile of CMT. I was surprised they managed to get in so many photos.

The 50 List also got a mention on Radio 2 by Richard Madely during the newspaper reviews. You can listen to that here.

A big thank you to Julia Raeside, freelance jounalist who reviews the newspapers with Richard Madely on Radio2, for calling me a ‘a total dude’ and ‘a bit rad’. I like that!

The book ‘The 50 List’ is still available in shops so do please buy a copy and have a good read.