Radio, TV and Magazines!!

When the article about “The 50 List” appeared in the Herald & Post I thought that it was just what this mega challenge needed, a bit of exposure.  Raising the profile and money for CMT and inspiring others and especially my daughter to know that everything is worth having a go at.

Today I got a call to tell me that it had appeared in the National papers The Sun, Daily Telegraph and the Metro, which was great as I was reaching a larger audience.  Later I started getting lots of phone calls and emails from magazines and TV stations.  It has gone nuts and to tell you the truth I was overwhelmed but at the same time very excited that what I was trying to do was going to be seen by more people.

But first I had to give an interview to Heart FM for one of their news slots.  The interview was recorded over the phone and after I had finished the interview the phone wouldn’t stop ringing so I missed the news and didn’t get to hear the interview, which is maybe a good thing as I hate the sound of my own voice!

On Thursday I have been invited to spend a day with a film crew from the BBC’s The One Show which will be aired on Friday evening.  Lisa and I and our three children are looking forward to an interesting and exciting day.

Magazines have also been in touch and I am grateful and fortunate that SWNS News Agency has been managing the media for me, otherwise I would have been completely overwhelmed with all this attention!

So, keep your eyes on the TV Friday evening to watch The One Show on BBC1 at 7pm