Going fast is fun and you can never have too much fun!

Getting settled in the car prior to my 158 mph experience!

Getting settled in the car prior to my 158 mph experience!

That’s another one ticked off the list. On 15th July I took a leisurely ride down the drag strip at over 150 mph. Take a look at how I got on.

The list is half way complete but there’s still quite a few things left to organise.  I have a number of activities to arrange and dates and times to confirm and I will be publishing these soon.

My next activity is learning how to make a clay pot, quite a contrast to the dragster ride! Photos and a write up on that activity will be on-line soon.

Currently the total money raised for the CMT Organisation is £1345 towards a total of £5000. If you could see your way to helping reach the target figure I and CMT will be very grateful.

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