Give Blood

Giving Blood

I again I’m going to have to swap out one of my 50 list activities today.  This afternoon I went along to give blood for the first time.  Now, anyone who knows me will know that I have a bit of a needle phobia so this activity wasn’t going to be plain sailing but I didn’t think twice about doing it.  I’d rather see someone benefit from receiving my blood that some doctor looking at it through a magnifying glass.  I arrived and signed in and waited for a while until I was called.  I hadn’t realised that everything is so open; you can see all the people giving blood, lying on what looked like decorating tables.  I was called into a cubicle so that they could take a sample of my blood and determine blood type, if it was red enough that kind of thing.  She asked me the name of my condition which I gave her she then said “I’ll just go and get a nurse”.  Five minutes later a nurse walked in and explained to me that as they didn’t have any idea of what my condition was they would have to write to my GP first.  I told them that would be fine but then she explained that it wouldn’t be wise to give blood considering my arms are the only limbs that get me around.  She went on to describe what could happen should they hit a nerve or damage a vein, she said, “as a wheelchair user you’re going to find it very difficult to regain your mobility even if there were no complications”.  Despite my slight needle phobia I was quite disappointed but that’s their decision and I can’t argue with it, well, I did politely.

So, what now?  I am going to add a new item onto my 50 list but it’s my daughter, Eleanor, that is going to think of it. (So long as it doesn’t involve wearing a pink tutu!)  I’ll keep you updated.