Write a comedy sketch

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The comedy script is finished, I’m pleased to say. Based on an absurd incident I experienced last year I just had to write about it but in doing so I could see the funny side so I expanded on the initial absurdity of it and made light of it to a point that it got very surreal. But that’s how it seemed when it happened.

The script will be in the book published by HarperCollins next year 28th February.

The incident that I refer to is when I parked my car outside the volunteer bureau. I phoned them to ask if they’d assist me by helping to get my wheelchair from the back of the car. I was alone at the time otherwise it would have been ok. I could see the lady as I spoke to her on the phone, through the ground floor window, talk to her colleagues before coming back to me with “I’m sorry but we’re not allowed to lift wheelchairs”. I then asked a traffic warden and his reply just astounded me. He said “If I wasn’t wearing this uniform I’d be more than willing to help you. But I’m not allowed to lift wheelchairs from cars” so as you can imagine I just had to write about it and emphasise the ludicrous situation with some laughs because that’s all I could do at the time! I have been helped with this challenge by Clive Wagner, an experienced director, photographer and all round nice guy and Alison Pettitt, actor, singer and brilliant voice artist.