Visit the Capital of Wales

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I would like to say that every item on the list was enjoyable, unforgettable and ‘I want to do it again’ but alas, Cardiff held no such feelings. We decided to drive to Cardiff as it was just under 3 hours to get there, we being me and my son Mattie. Once we arrived in Cardiff we then spend another 40 minutes looking for some parking outside the Premier Inn Hotel.  All the disabled parking bays were taken and the only car park available, which took ages to find, was extremely expensive!

Once I’d parked in said carp park we made our way to the hotel. I’d order a black can to take us to the Dr Who Experience, something my son had wanted to visit since he heard about it at the beginning of the year. The taxi arrived and the driver got out and erected the ramp and pushed me in to the taxi and closed the door. He got in and asked us “and where would you like to go?”, I responded, “The Dr Who Experience please”. He then asked “where’s that?”.  Oh no, just what we needed. We booked the tickets the day before and we needed to be there between 1pm and 2pm and it was now 1:45pm due to the car park hunt and this guy tells me he doesn’t know where the Dr Who Experience is!  Great!!

Once we got there we had a good time. The Doctor Who Experience is worth visiting if your a fan.  The following day I was pleased to jump back in the car, pay a ransom to escape and get back home.

Still, I’m sure Cardiff isn’t a bad place, no on the contrary.  The architecture was stunning and Cardiff bay was a picture and the people we met were very helpful and made us feel welcome. We obviously had a bit of bad luck I guess.