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Edinburgh is somewhere I would most definitely want to visit again. What a city!

My brother had flown in from Germany to Edinburgh but I travelled 1st class on the train from Peterborough. I’d never been on such a long train journey before and I was very impressed. I had my own seat and my wheelchair was close by should I have needed it. And the food was superb!

My brother Gary and I had gone in the middle of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival so got to see street acts doing crazy stuff, two comedy shows, one that was rather odd but funny in its own way and Marek Larwood in Typecast. I haven’t laughed so much in ages, an incredibly funny and clever comedian.

On one of the days we hired a car and travelled to Glengoyne Distillery to sample some single malt whiskey. Now as my brother was driving I thought it rude not to waste his glass of whiskey.  Very nice!

Scotland is a really beautiful country that I’d like to explore further one day.  We were shown hospitality where ever we went and had a great time.

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