Visit the Ace Café

Outside the Ace Cafe with my MX5
Outside the Ace Cafe with my MX5

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The Ace Café in London is a mecca for bike and car clubs.  On any day you’ll find a mass of machinery of one kind or another sitting on the forecourt of this most famous London cafe.  On the 16th June it was open to the MX-5 Owners Club and so we all made a trip down in convoy to this amazing café that I’d heard so much about.

Seven of us met up at Sixfields in Northampton before setting off down to London on the M1.  Shortly after joining the M1 another group of MX5s joined us swelling the number in the convoy.  It was such an impressive sight watching all these MX5s bombing down the motorway.  Half way down we pulled off at the service station but we didn’t stop we just drove right through and out the other side while we collected a load more MX5s.  Now we were 20 or so, all heading off down to London.

The café itself has a very 60s feel to it, in fact it was in the 50s and 60s that it gained the reputation as the motor café to be seen in.

A great day out, chatting to other MX5 owners, looking at other examples of this great roadster and enjoying the food and the atmosphere at the Ace Café.