Visit Blackpool Tower

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This was something I was looking forward to quite a bit but I was very disappointed with the outcome.

We travelled up on the Saturday and after getting caught in traffic and stopping for coffee, which I needed to have to stay awake, we arrived there at 3pm. First port of call was the Tower. I’d wanted to just take a look at the tower, to see it in the flesh, having seen it so many times before on TV or in print. It was impressive but unfortunately the top of the tower was covered in tarpaulin, obviously to do some work on it. We got ourselves onto the promenade and got some good photos of the tower with me and Ellie in the foreground. I wasn’t really that fussed about going to the top and I don’t think we could of anyway. After half an hour of being in Blackpool the weather decided to turn nasty or should I say nastier. The rain started to come down hard and we made a beeline for the chip and fish shop, not just any fish and chip shop though, Harry Ramsden’s no less. We sat inside, in the warm with a plate of fish and chips and a good strong cup of tea and watch the rain come down. Once we had finished our feast we ventured out into the cold. The rain had stopped and we made our way over to Blackpool Pier, Ellie wanted to go on some rides and we didn’t want to miss out on a bit of fun. On the way over to the Pier the heavens opened once again. We stayed on the Pier for about an hour and played a few games, air hockey (Ellie beat me), beat the frog and basketball.

We were only there for a little while before making out way back to the car and onto the hotel.

Not a great weekend but at list I can tick this item off the list!