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When I added the Waendel Walk to the list it was not about trying to achieve a demanding, gruelling, punishing push in my wheelchair.  It was to just take part, meet new people and enjoy myself.  However, when I trained for the Silverstone Half Marathon earlier this year I soon realised that the roads around Wellingborough are very unforgiving!  Wellingborough is very hilly and full of potholes and damaged pavements. So in the end it did turn out to be a demanding, gruelling, punishing push in my wheelchair.  The length of the route, 5 km or 3 miles, is a fraction of the half marathon yet I felt just as exhausted.  Trying to slow down and not run anyone over walking in front of me took more energy that pushing the chair along.

I was accompanied by Simon Cox and Ian Blackett.  Simon was walking the 10km route so at half way we parted company. I was tempted to follow him and do the full 10km but I’d signed up to the 5km walk and in the end I’m glad I didn’t follow him.  Ian had fitted a Go Pro camera to the back of my wheelchair and set it up to take a picture every 15 seconds which he put into a video which you can see below.  You can see Simon every now and again on his phone Tweeting away to all his follows.

A big thank you to both Simon and Ian for their unwavering support.  I did feel sorry for them at one point because, down hill, they had difficulty in keeping up with me.


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