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This was a challenge that wasn’t on my list initially. I had every intention of doing a bungee jump but there were a few factors that made me decide that I should try something else. Firstly, the bungee jump was one event that my wife didn’t want me to do. She was worried that I would do myself some injury. Secondly, I wanted to find a bungee jump where I would be in a full body harness and not just straps around my legs. It would have to be above water and somewhere where I wouldn’t need to climb up. And finally, in the back of my mind I do have this there is a small directive called self-preservation. I’d had a few issues with my left shoulder which caused me a little discomfort throughout the year. I had the same in the right should a few years back and required surgery to put it right. I knew what the problem was but I couldn’t get it seen to this year otherwise I wouldn’t get any of the list finished at all!

So, it was decided that I’d have a go at Skiing. I made a booking to get a lesson with Disability Snowsport UK at Milton Keynes. They have an indoor snow slope with real snow! My instructor for the hour long lesson, Sam, was a very keen and enthusiastic chap but at the same time had the patience of a saint. He showed me the equipment that I’d be using and soon got me sitting in it to make sure all the straps were at the right length and that I was comfortable.  I was strapped in so tight I was one with this sit-ski device. To keep balance I was given two crutches with little skis attached to the ends. These were called riggers, similar to that of an out rigger on a trimaran sailing boat. It wasn’t long before Sam had me to the top of the nursery slope and I was skiing back down. He had me try different things like lifting one rigger of the ground and then the other while skiing down. I did take a tumble a couple of times but by all accounts I did very well for my first lesson.

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