Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

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This was something that I’d always wanted to do and I wasn’t disappointed.  The feeling of lifting off the ground was so graceful it was almost unnoticeable.  I was looking up at the burner at the time and was quite surprised when I looked down again as we were at least 100 foot in the air in seconds!

The scenery from almost 3000 feet was stunning and I was glad I took my helmet mounted GoPro HD2 camera along to capture the beauty of the Gloucester countryside.

In the basket is Pilot Dave Groombridge from Exclusive Ballooning and Ivan Slaughter, my brother in-law.

We were met on the ground by my wife and children Lisa, Matthew, Amy and Ellie, the sponsor of the balloon Chris Pockett, the head of communications from Renishaw and his family and my sister in-law Jill Slaughter.

The footage was edited by the very talented Clive Wagner.