Power Boat

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About 15 years ago I was a member, for a short time, of the British Disabled Water Ski Association.  I used to water ski behind fast boats but never really got a chance to sit in one and enjoy the thrill of speed on the water.  You might be right in thinking that surely being towed behind the boat I was experiencing the same speed and yes that would have been the case had I not fallen in the water all the time.  So, a trip down to JBSKI near Thorpe Park in Surrey organised by BBC’s The One Show.!

The boat in questions was a ski boat with a big V8 engine, which I liked the sound of!

I placed the obligatory life jacket on and held on.  I was surprised there was so much power.  The boat launched hard and before I knew it I was at the other end of the lake.  My driver, James put the boat into a hard right turn and floored it.  Amazing, another one ticked of the list!

V8 500 bhp Power Boat