Ongoing Activities

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Lose Weight

This is not going too bad in that I haven’t put any weight on. Ok, so there’s room for improvement.  I have been eating as healthy as I can and I can devour a plate of salad in a heart beat. I really like a good peppery green leaf salad with warm chicken.  So even though the weight hasn’t gone down as quick as I expected it to I am feeling fitter.

Write a Book

The book has been started is due to be finished within the next couple of months. It is being published by HarperCollins next March. When I have completed the manuscript then I’ll tick this item off.

Donate funds raised through sponsorship to CMT

I have set up a Just Giving website so that people can donate to the CMT charity easily. This will not get ticked off unless I can raise the full £5000 target.

Teach someone how to create a website

To keep this particular item simple I decided to put together a simple set of instructions that would enable any individual to create their own website. Using WordPress and templates from many different sources the individual will be able to create a website quite easily. This will get ticked off when one of the sites, using my instructions, go live.

 Complete 1000 jigsaw puzzle

When I started this I thought to myself “this shouldn’t take too long”. How wrong can I be. I have had to start it three times, rebuild it after it was knocked off the coffee table and have had to retrieve a few pieces from the dog before they were consumed. This will get ticked off when the puzzle is complete.

Making my business work

After two weeks of putting the list together and announcing it on-line I was made redundant from the place I worked at for 13 years. I decided that I would continue doing what I know best which is design and develop websites and web hosting solutions. I put this particular item on the list as a reminder that to make any of these 50 list items to work I’m going to need to earn money. I’m pleased to say I have made the business work and I have managed to build up a small and loyal client based.

Play more board games

This is a fun one and something that my children and I have been doing together. We have been playing Monopoly, Logo, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit and Alias. This item wont be ticked off when we have had a games evening with some of our friends later this year.