Hand Cycle 5 Miles

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I was my intention to swim 100 lengths of the local swimming pool but throughout the year there have been a number of issues that have conspired against me. My stay in hospital back in April and my on-going shoulder injury and looking for a better venue as the local swimming pool is very cold and muscles cramp is something that I can’t handle well.

So, reluctantly, I swapped this particular challenge with one that didn’t involve me getting wet but one that would test my stamina. Decided that I would try and hand cycle 5 miles uphill. Using the hand cycle machine at the gym made the challenge a little easier, not that I made the actually task easy. I set the resistance of the machine reasonable high so that I would have to work hard, in affect I was cycling up hill. It took me 30 minutes to cover the 5 miles and I don’t think I could have done any more. I kept up a strong pace and only stopped twice to have more strapping put on my hands. Because I have very little grip I used medical strapping to tape my hands to the handles.

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