Go Zorbing

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This was one challenge that I had been looking forward to but in the end didn’t turn out to be the fun event I expected it to be.

Inside the rubber ball was two harnesses so Amy was on one side of the ball and I was on the other. Once we were both strapped in the guys got the ball rolling and pushed us down the hill. Now the position that we were strapped in was like lying on your back with your knees bent. This started to worried me a little but only after the Zorb had begun rolling down the hill.

My upper body was harnessed as was my feet but my waist and knees were not connected to much. As a result I got tossed around not unlike a jumper in a tumble dryer. But that was ok, I expected that bit but the worst bit was when we were rolling to a stop, the ball was in such a position that I was on top of my knees and now kneeling with all my wait on my legs. I can’t kneel so the pain was very intense.

Ok, so why did I do it? Simple, I never have done it before so the only way I’m going to find out if I liked it or not was to have a go. I have now had a go and don’t fancy doing it again in a hurry.

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