Encourage someone else with a disability to do one of my Extreme Top 50 List with me

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I feel that what I’m doing with the 50 list is, I hope, inspiring others to have a go and not to miss an opportunity.  This particular item on the list was to give an individual an opportunity to do one of my top ten extreme items.  John Naude, a friend of mine, uses a wheelchair to get around and I thought that he would be the ideal candidate to take on one of my challenges.  I proposed the idea to him and he was all for it.  So, on the 21st June John made his way to the AirKix in Milton Keynes for some indoor skydiving.  I’d already tried it and loved every minute of it but this time I was going to be taking the photos of John’s flight in the tunnel.

As you’ll see from the photos he enjoyed himself immensly.

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